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LOCKIT IRIS Recognition USB Model: (LU-100) 32GB

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ㆍ Convenience: no additional software installation required (Physical security)
ㆍ Security: data access only with authorized irises
ㆍ Auto lock function: upon ejection from a PC or smartphone, without using more than 60 sec.
ㆍ Smart login function: device, server, and website login (option)



Certified by FIDO, the international standard authentication system for biometric recognition technology.

FIDO is composed of UAF (Universal Authentication Factor) that authenticates the user by fingerprint, iris, face, voice and vein etc, and U2F (Universal Second Factor) that can be used as a second factor security key after inserting ID and passwords.

LOCKIT USB boasts high security level by having both certifications.

Product: Iris Recognition Smart USB

Distance: 7cm ~ 15cm / One eye


Size(mm): 37.4(W) x 12.5(D) x 70.3(H)

Weight: 29g

Capacity: 32GB

Color: Black / White 

Interface: USB 2.0, plug & play

Operating system: Android, Windows, Mac

Temperature: -20~80ºC