FAQ – Irisys


Q1: How do i purchase Irisys?

A: You can purchase through our website or through our resellers. The prices are all same Islandwide with free installation and warranty included. Once you have purchased, you will be contacted regarding your preferred date and time of installation.

 Q2: What does the warranty cover?

A: The warranty covers all parts and machinery in our product including labour and transport needed to visit the site location.

Q3: How fast can Irisys capture my face or palm?  

A: Irisys has went through rigorous testing to achieve the grading that it has today, so it is safe to say it takes approximately 0.5 seconds to capture your face or palm.

Q4: Is Irisys waterproof?

A: Irisys is water resistant which says that it can withstand splashes of raindrops or short temporary water introduction. 

Q5: Can i activate the camera without pressing the camera activate button?

A: Yes, Irisys has a motion sensor that can be activated or deactivated according to your preference.

Q6: How long is the battery lifespan?

A: Average 8 pieces AA battery lifespan without motion sensor is 9 months to a year, while motion sensor activated throughout can last 4-6 months.

Q7: Will i know if the battery runs out?

A: You probably will not face a dead battery issue as Irisys has battery indication on the touchscreen LED.  

Q8: What happen if theres an emergency or fire?

A: When you open your door from the inside, it opens mechanically and not by battery. So you will never get stuck inside your home.

Q9: How many users can i register?

A: You can register 100 users which also means you can have 100 pin codes,100 face users, 100 palm users, 100 cards.

Q10: How many emergency keys are there?

A: Each set of Irisys will come with 1 pairs of manual emergency keys.

Q11: What if someone tries to break in?

A: Irisys has its own built in alarm that will sound if tempering is sensed. Also if someone keys the pin code wrongly more then 5 times, it will take a photo of the person.

Q12: Can i keep track of who opens my door?

A: Yes, Irisys has its own in-built logbook that shows you the user, the date and the time when the door is opened.

Q13: Can Irisys detect twins?

A: Based on our countless tests, if you are fortunate enough to have to registered twins, it is safe to say that Irisys is able to tell everyone apart from each other.

Q14: What is the return and exchange policy?

A: Once purchased, there can be no refunds unless your door is not able to fit Irisys.